VITUKI Hungary Mérnökiroda Kft.


We have been driven by quality, innovation and customer satisfaction since our founding, with a strong commitment to water engineering design, facility inspection, environmental and water management services.

Artifact motion analysis

Our team of experts accurately analyse and document the movement of artifacts, ensuring optimum safety and preservation.

Runoff Modeling

Effective water management and environmental protection in expert hands.

Flood Measurements

Accurate and reliable data for flood management and forecasting, in our expert services.

River Bed Measurements

Our expert team will accurately and efficiently assess your river beds, ensuring optimal water management planning and management.

Water Damage Prevention

Fast and effective solutions, our experts for water damage management and prevention.

Terrain Modeling

Our accurate and detailed on-site field measurement services help you optimize your design and development projects.


Vituki Hungary mérnökiroda kft.
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You can trust us in the field of land surveying. Our experienced team is at your service with precise measurements and a wide range of services. Our goal is to provide accurate and reliable results, helping you to realize your plans.

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